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Raise3D E2 IDEX 3D Printer Open for Pre-orders in the US

Feb 18, 2020


E2 Available Worldwide – Pre-orders Open in the US

Raise3D is extending worldwide the release of the E2, an innovative 3D printer at the entry-level of the industrial range. Pre-orders are now open in the U.S.

The E2 is designed to meet industry grade quality, while still being easy to use for all users. The combination of high-quality components with the latest technology allows precise prints and cost-efficient production of end-use parts.


Key Features of the E2:

  • Independent Dual Extruders (IDEX)
  • Auto-bed leveling
  • Intelligent leveling focusing on the printing area
  • Built-in offset calibration guides
  • Automatic pause if the front door is opened
  • Power save mode
  • Flexible build plate
  • Enhanced performance with flexible filaments
  • and several more innovative improvements


Raise3D Ecosystem

E2 is optimized to connect seamlessly with ideaMaker, for slicing and monitoring your printer’s work in real-time, and RaiseCloud, to remotely manage your production with multiple printers. To improve user experience, the Open Filament Program (OFP) is also releasing the ideal settings for third-party filaments, in a never-ending list.

Email us at inquiry@raise3d.com if you have a specific need or want to know more about Raise3D Ecosystem.


Learn More about the E2

Pre-order your E2 now (in the US)