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ideaMaker 3.5.2 Release Notes

Mar 12, 2020

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

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New Features

· Slice Settings

1. Added detecting options for Overhang Shells, including Overhang Shells Speed and Overhang Shells Flowrate which are used to control the flowrate and printing speed for the Outer and Inner shells for overhangs.

If you want to modify solid fill settings for overhangs, you can edit the Bottom Surface Layers settings under Solid Fill tab.

2. Added options for Overhang Shells Fan Speed to control the cooling fan speed during printing the shells in the overhangs.

3. Added option for Thin Wall Speed to control the printing speed for Thin Wall.

4. Added more options for First Layer, including: First Layer Shells, First Layer Solid Fill Extrusion Width Percentage, and First Layer Solid Fill Pattern Type, to optimize the result of the First Layer.

5. Added Raft Overrides that allow selecting different options for Raft when Raft enabled.

6. Added option for Second Layer Z Lift which will be enabled with Raft. It will raise the model according to Raft Gap. The model will go back to the original height after the first layer. This feature can raise the model from the second layer to avoid the Raft sticking too tight to a model printed with some materials.

7. Added printing templates for Raise3D E2 printer.

8. Added printing templates for Raise3D Premium ASA Filament.

9. Added option “Move to Park Position” under Cool Down Inactive Extruder.

Note: This option is required to be Disabled for Raise3D E2 printers or other third-party printers which have the Independent Dual Extrusion feature. The nozzles will move to the home position automatically when switching extruders.

10. Added option “Cool Down before Extruder Switch” under Cool Down Inactive Extruder.

Note: This option is unchecked for Raise3D Pro2 series printers because the printers require both extruders to be heated up when switching, otherwise it may damage the hardware.
You can enable this function for Raise3D E2 printers, which have an Independent Dual Extrusion feature, and do not require heating before switching extruders.


· User Interface

Added warning when trying to exit ideaMaker in the middle of uploading print files.


· Bug Fixes

1. Fixed issue of generating Wipe Tower and Wipe Wall with multiple Setting Groups being created.

2. Fixed issue of generating Brim.

3. Fixed the issue of generating Wipe Tower too far from the model when Multiple has been selected for Wipe Tower Mode.

4. Fixed the issue of generating unnecessary holes on Wipe Tower.

5. Fixed issue that the install package can’t reinstall properly when installation directory has been lost or installation file is missing after ideaMaker has been installed.

6. Fixed the main interface crash issue when running ideaMaker on some Windows 10 computers.

7. Fixed the errors in startup scripts in Linux version.

8. Fixed the issue of generating the adaptive layer height result.