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ideaMaker 4.1.1 Release Notes

Apr 20, 2021

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

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1. Added support for the Texture feature on the belt printer.


2. Added a Texture “Outside Only” option in the Texture Panel.

This option adds texture to the outer surface of the model, but not on the surface of the inner hole of the model. This makes it convenient for users to quickly modify settings.

The settings on the panel will have a higher priority than the Main slicing template and Per-group settings, but a lower priority than the settings in Per-layer settings.


3. Added support for selecting different extruders to print Support Outline.


4. Added support for selecting different extruders to print Dense Support Outline.


5. Added Remaining Time and Printed Time information to the G-Code file.

The time is measured in seconds. For example:




6. Added Cubic and Honeycomb under the Support Infill Type.


7. Added support for showing and hiding structure features in the GCode Preview.


8. Adjusted the minimal value of acceleration to be 1mm/ s2.


9. Added a pop-up prompt to ask whether the users want to keep Per-group and Per-layer settings used last when reloading a model or project to avoid conflicts with the existing settings in ideaMaker.

Users can select the default settings in the pop-up prompt to avoid being asked the next time. Users can also edit the related settings under “Preferences > Files and Preferences > Confirm and Tips”.


Bug Fixes


1. Fixed the modifiers issue located in the right-click menu where a user could not select the “All extruder” option after the Left or Right extruder was chosen.

2. Fixed the issue that the template name in the Prepare to Slice panel changes with the size of the panel.

3. Fixed the issue that the bed heating code remained in the G-Code File, even when the heated bed was disabled in the Printer Settings.

4. Fixed the issue that the belt printer could not slice a model larger than 10m.

5. Fixed some Translation mistakes.

6. Fixed some interface issues.