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Raise3D Reveals Their Roadmap at TCT Asia, with New Product Lines

May 26, 2021

May 26, 2021. Shanghai – Raise3D will showcase its new products at TCT Asia, among which a carbon fiber solution, scheduled for release in Q4 2021, and a full metal solution, estimated for late 2022.

Raise3D Reveals Their Roadmap at TCT Asia


The development and growth of Additive Manufacturing,  accelerated even further due to the coronavirus pandemic, has reached a stage where 3D printing is generally the accepted solution for prototyping, and the use of AM in small batch production is quickly becoming widely adopted.

Following these market developments, which are in line with what Raise3D and most relevant market players have long anticipated, new products have been developed, among which there are:

  • the E2CF, a new printer specially optimized for carbon fiber-reinforced materials and other composite materials, which can be the perfect fit for industries like Hardware Manufacturing, Automotive, Electronics and applications like jigs & fixtures, tool heads and molds. E2CF will be available for pre-order in China from May 26th onwards, and worldwide in Q4 2021, with the start date for pre-sales yet to be announced.

Raise3D E2CF

  • the RMF500, an industrial printer designed for printing large-scale fiber-reinforced materials, which can be the perfect fit for industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, and applications like air ducts and customized interior parts. RMF 500 will be available in 2022, date yet to be announced.

Raise3D RMF500

  • and Raise3D MetalFuse, a full metal solution developed in strategic cooperation with BASF and Forward AM as material partners. The metal solution includes Forge 1, a desktop metal printer optimized for this purpose, D200 – E, the debinding device, and S200 – C, the vacuum sinter. The solution has been optimized for catalytic debinding process. BASF Ultrafuse® 316L and 17-4 PH are commercially available at the moment. More advanced materials are currently being tested and will become commercially available in the near future. Titanium alloy and high temperature alloy are at the top of the list, and they can be the perfect fit for industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, and applications like conformal cooling structures and lightweight brackets.

Raise3D MetalFuse

More specifications about the new products will be revealed as the launch dates draw closer.

“We are excited to show our new Additive Manufacturing solutions at TCT Asia,  as they represent a new solid step in bringing this technology into Manufacturing. One of the most commonly referred obstacles to a more widespread use of AM in manufacturing is the insufficient consistency and repeatability of the end parts. We were already happy with our existing products, which tended to be used intensively by our customers, but the new products are a clear step in eliminating any remaining challenges that could delay the tipping point for mass-adoption in manufacturing.” – Edward Feng, Global CEO.

Visit the Raise3D booth at No.H40 in Hall 7.1, at TCT Asia between May 26-28th and meet the new printers and solutions.