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ideaMaker 4.4.0 Alpha Release Notes

Nov 11, 2022


Added Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed printing features

1. Added the introduction of Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed printing.

2. Added Hyper Speed Mode option to enable Hyper Speed Mode to select Raise3D Hyper Speed Printer and Filament for slicing.

Note: Only Raise3D Pro3 Series currently support Hyper Speed printing, and RaiseTouch must be updated to version 1.7.0 or above. Please buy Raise3D Hyper Speed Hot End (Pro3 Series) and Raise3D Hyper Speed Filament.

3. Added tags of different speed levels according to the printing speed, acceleration and volumetric speed in the selected slicing template when the Hyper Speed Mode option is enabled.

4. Added Hyper Speed tags to Raise3D printers that support Hyper Speed printing in the list of printers for Remote Connection and Upload to Printer.