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Raise3D Announces the Open Software Program (OSP)

Nov 14, 2022

The OSP will facilitate the cooperation of software companies with Raise3D


NOVEMBER 14th, 2022. Rotterdam – Raise3D, the global provider of additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs, and inventor of Hyper FFF™, announces the launch of the Open Software Program (OSP), a program aiming at facilitating the cooperation of software companies with Raise3D.

In November 2017, Raise3D launched its Open Filament Program (OFP), a program that in five years made possible the collaboration with 42 of the most relevant filament manufacturers in the market and led to the approval and release of 172 filaments that certainly improved the experience and increased the available options of top performing filaments for Raise3D’s customers. The OFP continuous to be a strategic pilar for Raise3D and dozens of new filaments are in the pipeline to be released.

Five years after the successful launch of the OFP, Raise3D takes another step into the improvement of their customers’ experience, by launching the OSP.


The reasoning for the launch of this Program has been explained by Tank He, Raise3D’s Director of Software: “Raise3D offers their customers a complete ecosystem for 3D Printing, which currently includes 8 different options of 3D printers, a wide range of filaments, a slicing software (ideaMaker) and a print management software with different installation options (RaiseCloud). Raise3D ecosystem provides everything a customer may need to efficiently implement its 3D printing production. Many customers, however, have embedded in their product development process or in their production process other software solutions that focus on their specific industry. These customers will benefit if the software they use is connected with Raise3D’s ecosystem, and the subsequent improvement in their experience justifies the launch of the OSP.”

Just like the OFP concept, in the OSP Raise3D welcomes the developers of the best software solutions to cooperate with Raise3D to improve customer’s experience.


There are currently 4 software companies already collaborating in the OSP pre-launch period. Raise3D now welcomes all other relevant software companies to contact the OSP Manager to request for more information to the email OSP@raise3d.com and discuss how to collaborate.


About Raise3D

Raise3D designs and manufactures top-performing 3D printers and additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs, and inventor of Hyper FFF™. With offices in California, Rotterdam, and Shanghai, Raise3D is an ISO9001:2015- and ISO14001-certified company, positioned to be a leader in developing complete solutions using FFF additive manufacturing technology for polymers, composite, and metal materials.

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