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ideaMaker Release Notes

Jun 4, 2024



1. DLP New Functions and Improvements

  • Added None option for the Raft Type, added Z-Compression Compensation, Merge First Few Layers Functions under the Raft Settings of the Support Tab.
  • Upgraded the Anti-aliasing Method and added it in the Advanced Settings.

The circular zoomed-in area in the image shows the comparison of the Anti-aliasing Function Disable and Enabled.

  • Added Restore to the Last Saved on the Advanced Settings of the Custom Template.
  • Added Reset Settings button function on the Support Structure Panel, and displayed different color of text for the Tab where setting changes have been made for both the Raise3D Official Template and the Custom Template.


2. FFF New Functions and Improvements

  • Added Scarf Joint, and optimized joints in the model and enhanced the aesthetics of the finished item.

The green frame on the column shows the comparison with Scarf Joint Function Disable and Enabled.

  • Optimized the Advanced Settings: added the Quality Tab.

  • Added Shrinkage Compensation, which allowed the Scale Factor X, Scale Factor Y, and Scale Factor Z of the model.
  • Added Precise Z Height, which can improve the problem that the thickness of FFF sliced model layers can’t be accurately rounded off to match the height of the model.
  • Added Maximum Volumetric Speed: Each of the Left Extruder and Right Extruder has a Maximum Volumetric Speed control, which respectively controls the maximum volumetric speed of the material for the Left Extruder and Right Extruder. If the volumetric speed of any feature exceeds the specified Maximum Volumetric Speed, the corresponding printing speed in the GCode will be reduced until it does not exceed the Maximum Volumetric Speed.
  • Improved Gcode preview with enabling/disabling Travel under the Speed option.
  • Added new slicing settings for the Override Slicing Settings: Global Offset Z-axis and Raft Surface Layer Flowrate.
  • Modified the Firmware parameter values in Printer Settings,which is only applicable to Raise3D Pro3 HS Series, Raise3D Pro3 Series printers with Hyper Speed Kit and Raise3D Pro2 Hyper Speed Series printers.
  • Modified the Firmware Type to Klipper for Raise3D Pro3 Series with Hyper Speed Kit, and Raise3D Pro2 Hyper Speed Series.
  • Added the Only One Shell on Top Surfaces Function, which optimized the top surface of the model and improved the quality of the surface.


3. FFF Printer

Added Raise3D Pro3 HS Series Printer.


4. Material and Slicing Template Update

  • Deleted all materials, all slicing templates under version 5.0.5 for Raise3D RMF500.
  • Added materials and templates for the new RMF500 hot end:
  • Industrial PET CF: Speed – RMF500 – PET CF
  • Hyper Speed PLA: Speed – RMF500 – HS-PLA
  • Hyper Speed ABS V2: Speed – RMF500 – HS-ABS-V2
  • Hyper Core ABS CF15: Speed – RMF500 – HC-ABS-CF15
  • Added Support Material for the new hot end:
  • Raise3D Industrial PET Support 1.75mm-RMF500
  • Added new template for Raise3D DF2
  • Rigid 3K Grey V1: 0.05mm – Speed – DF2 – Rigid 3K Grey V1
  • Tough 2K Grey V1: 0.05mm – Speed – DF2 – Tough 2K Grey V1
  • High Detail Apricot: 0.05mm – Standard – DF2 – High Detail Apricot V1


5. Other Improvements

  • Added the options for whether or not to Detect Suction Cup during Slicing under

Preference -> Interface tab. If it was disabled, the Suction Cup will no longer be detected by any other functions except for the printability detection.

  • Added new placeholders of the Custom GCode: {total_layers} and {print_time_total}.
  • Added icon buttons to printer settings and material settings, and removed the old Edit Settings menu item under the More menu.
  • Optimized the slicing report on the upper left corner of the main interface: if the model uses material from both the left and right nozzles (or only the right nozzle), then the amount of material used for the left and right nozzles is displayed separately.
  • No additional click to exit the Lay Flat, and can switch to other functions at any time.
  • Measurement function supported multiple models.


6. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some bugs from the client feedback.