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RaiseTouch 3.0.14 Release Notes – DF2

May 31, 2024

Release notes – Exclusively for the DF2

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New Features

1.Support for binding DF2 printer with RaiseCloud 1.0 Web version and APP

Customers can view the DF2 printers bound in the RaiseCloud 1.0 Web version, and remotely initiate printing, export logs, etc.


2.Optimize the logic for stopping adding resin in the boot wizard

It is convenient for the Auto-Feeding Station to stop working automatically in abnormal scenarios (such as: the resin container is taken off)


3.Change the interaction method of date query in the History page

The date control display is consistent with the list content, reducing misunderstandings caused by the date control for customers


4.Block multiple Functions processes on the Home page in parallel

Before the end of a certain process in the Home – Functions, other functions’ trigger operations are blocked to ensure that there are no frequent command sending situations


5.Guide calibration & Auto-Feeding Station installation picture updates in the boot wizard

According to the latest hardware structure and operation specifications of the Auto-Feeding Station, the assembly steps of the Auto-Feeding Station in the boot wizard have been adjusted


6.UI optimization for the remaining amount display of Resin Tank and Resin Container

The Home page and Printing page have added a graphical expression of the remaining resin, which more intuitively conveys the remaining information to customers, avoiding misunderstandings caused by the jumps in the original design


7.Add the display of the Serial Number of the Auto-Feeding Station on the Machine page

Customers connected to the Auto-Feeding Station can view the Serial Number on this page


8.Add display text when the Liquid Level Sensor does not report data or the data is abnormal

It is convenient to remind customers in case of sensor failure, so that customers can know in time that the printing process or resin adding process has stopped


9.Multilingual function

In this version, Japanese translation has been added