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Raise3D Announces $15.8 Million in Series C Funding

Mar 10, 2022

March 10th, 2021. Rotterdam – Raise3D, the global provider of additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs, announced the closing of a Series C Funding round, raising US$15.81 million.

This funding will propel us to develop a larger product portfolio for this market, from 3D printers to filaments, with an expanding range of applications, especially for high-precision industrial production,” says Edward Feng, founder and CEO of Raise3D. “We will invest continuously in the research and development of high-performance 3D printing materials, such as metal, ceramic, and fiber-reinforced composite filaments, providing the reproducibility required for industrial production, and empowering intelligent industrial manufacturing. We are very confident in the next stage of our products, and our customers are also very much looking forward to our future releases.”

These future releases are currently under way, with Raise3D’s product portfolio increasing in size with the both recently released and upcoming 3D printers, namely:

  • The new Pro3 Series: the next step in Raise3D’s state-of-the-art professional 3D printing solutions for small-batch production and much more
  • E2CF: Raise3D’s professional desktop 3D printer capable of the production of carbon fiber parts
  • RMF500: a large format FFF 3D printer using carbon fiber-reinforced material, with industrial-grade precision and repeatability
  • MetalFuse: a fully in-house 3D printing solution, developed to use BASF’s Ultrafuse® metal filaments and allows the production of metal parts, with full design freedom and a low cost of ownership


Complimenting these devices, Raise3D provides a comprehensive range of professional FFF filaments, in addition to the newly launched industrial segment, comprised of PA12 CF and PPA filaments and corresponding support filaments. The ever-expanding Open Filament Program (OFP) also allows Raise3D users to get optimal prints with third-party filaments.


Raise3D has shown a solid annual average turnover growth of 21.5% from 2019 to 2021, substantially increasing its market share, which has contributed to a solid and growing pool of interested investors.

In 2022, up until February, Raise3D has sold about 10,000 units of professional 3D printers worldwide; while more than 600,000 people around the world use ideaMaker, Raise3D’s own 3D slicing software. Also more than 30,000 enterprises and individuals use RaiseCloud, Raise3D’s printer management and monitoring software.


Raise3D currently employs more than 300 people worldwide and has more than 200 sales partners in more than 90 countries and territories.