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ideaMaker 4.2.3 Release Notes

Jan 25, 2022

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

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1. Optimized Support generation when enabled Support Horizontal Expansion with Angled Support to save material and print time.





2. Added Custom FFF Printer under Add New Printer page to give users access to edit printer related options.


3. Added a check to compare the important printer settings between the imported template with the selected template. If ideaMaker finds any difference between the imported template and the selected template, it will suggest the user to create a new Printer first then import the template.


4.  Added filament type and name into the G-Code header file. For example:

;Filament Type #1: PLA

;Filament Type #2: PLA

;Filament Name #1: [Raise3D] PLA 1.75mm

;Filament Name #2: [Raise3D] PLA 1.75mm


5.  Added Raise3D Industrial PPA CF, Raise3D Industrial PPA GF and Raise3D Industrial PPA Support filament settings for Raise3D E2CF printers.


6.  Added Volumetric Speed under G-Code Preview interface


Bug Fixes


1. Fixed the Z-pos display issue under G-Code Preview interface.

2. Fixed small supported are being wrongly filtered when Adaptive Support enabled.

3. Fixed the problem of G-Code not being properly parsed with Customize Toolhead Identifier in some cases.

4. Fixed the issue of slicing not working when E2 Printer being selected in some cases.

5. Fixed G-Code Postprocess not taking effect in some cases.

6. Fixed the Prepare to Slice interface not getting properly updated after deleting Printer with no slicing template.

7. Fixed some display issues for macOS.