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Raise3D Announces the RMF500, a Large Format FFF 3D Printer Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Material with Industrial-grade Precision and Repeatability

Nov 15, 2021

• The RMF500 is a significant step in Raise3D’s response to customers’ need for larger build volume and stronger filaments within additive manufacturing.
• It fulfils the industry requirement for highly accurate and reliable repeatability, using the most advanced FFF 3D printing technology currently available.
• The RMF500 is designed to meet production demands of high-level manufacturing in terms of quality and speed, and can make end-parts that are stiffer, stronger more resistant to both heat and impact than conventionally 3D-printed parts.
• The RMF500 exclusively uses filament that has been extensively curated after to ensure a perfect end-to-end customer experience.

November 15th, 2021. Rotterdam – Raise3D, the global provider of additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs, announces the launch of Raise3D RMF500, a 3D printer aimed at small-batch production in the industrial sector.

The RMF500 was conceived to allow Raise3D’s industrial customers to expand their business to a more demanding level, where they can precisely and repeatedly fabricate end-use parts made of carbon fiber reinforced material at high speed.

Raise3D RMF500

Raise3D RMF500


The Key Capabilities of the RMF500

The RMF500 has been designed to offer three main features that place it in a strong position within its segment:
• Highly Accurate Production Repeatability
• High Speed and Large Build Volume
• The ability to use High-Performance Material

Highly Accurate Production Repeatability

With its linear motors, the RMF500 can execute models with an accuracy of 0.001mm along the X and Y axes. Meanwhile it achieves precision of 0.0009765mm along the Z axis. Its 1μm closed-loop synchronous control reduces speed variations with load changes of the motor, enhancing precision even further.

Printed Parts

Printed Parts


High Speed and Large Build Volume

The RMF500 has a large 500 x 500 x 500mm build area and can reach print speeds of up 300mm/s along with an acceleration of up to 2G and movement of up to 1000mm/s. Furthermore, with its Independent Dual Extruder system (IDEX), it is possible to execute 2 print jobs simultaneously, making the RMF500 even quicker and more productive.

The ability to use High-Performance Material

Raise3D’s material scientists insistently worked to determine the best materials for reliable, uninterrupted printing of strong end-use parts. The result is a carbon fiber reinforced filament with higher rigidity and lower shrinkage ratio, it does not need a heated chamber to avoid warping, as is so customary in 3D printing. This leads to a far more efficient printer, that does not need to draw so much power, using 120W to power a single hotend. The resulting parts made from the carbon fiber reinforced filament are lightweight yet extremely strong, making them a potentially perfect alternative to metal parts.

Printed Parts

Printed Parts


Non-stop printing

To ensure customers experience trouble-free, uninterrupted printing, the RMF500 is equipped with four 2.5kg super large cartridge (main and auxiliary, with sets each), where the 3D printer can switch automatically between main/auxiliary cartridges and reducing the need for constant intervention. Positive pressure humidity control keeps chamber humidity under 5% relative humidity.

Sturdy, durable construction

Apart from all the other advantages, the RMF500 offers more benefits. All load-bearing structural parts of the RMF500 are made of high-grade harden steel, with the maximum load the Z-axis can withstand being around 100kg. The linear motor driven system has low clearance and low maintenance requirements. The deflection error of Z axis with a high load in the entire moving range is estimated to be 50% lower than that of competitive products.

Printed Parts

Printed Parts


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