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ideaMaker 4.2.2 Release Notes

Nov 26, 2021

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

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1. Gcode Preview

1. Drag the sliding block labeled as “Steps” to check the layers’ printing path at different heights. Optimized GCode Preview will show the previous layers in a dark color.


2. Outer shell Z seams were added in each layer when the Gcode layers are previewed. You can show/hide the seams in the interface.


2. Printer Settings

1. When using GCode Thumbnails features for OctoPrint and Mainsail, Isometric View will be updated to be default Preview.

2. Support added support for uploading GCode file to the Repetier Server.


3. Added an option called “Upload to Octoprint and Repetier” into the “Upload to Other Server” list.

3. User Interface

1. Added more Standard Primitives including Spherical Shell, Cone, Truncated Cone, Torus, Pyramid, Prism, Ring. Users can add Standard Primitives under File > Add Standard Primitives or in the Modifiers panel or Right Click in Main Interface > Add Standard Primitives.


2. Added a Top Z and Bottom Z to check the intersecting surface from different Z directions under the Cross Section.


3. Added a more detailed explanation for some of the error codes.


Bug Fixes


1. Fixed the conflicts between Overhang Shells detection and Bridging Shells detection.

2. Adjusted the gap among the models on the Belt Printer to be 50 mm in the Y-direction.

3. Fixed the print speed to not decrease on some smaller-sized layers.

4. Fixed the dragging feature that failed to activate after installing ideaMaker in some Windows 10 computers.

5. Fixed the crash issue caused by the Cross Section.

6. Fixed the issue of visiting RaiseCloud.

7. Fixed the coasting that failed to generate in some cases.