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How to Replace a 3D Printer Nozzle on the Pro2 Series

Changing the nozzle on the Pro2 and Pro2 Plus 3D printers is a simple five-step process. However, before attempting to change the 3D printer nozzles, review the instructions for removing or re-installing the assembled hot end to the extruder head at the Manual Pro2 Series -032 How to Replace the Hotend-V1.0.


Required Tools
-8mm socket wrench
-Allen wrench


1. Check if the hot end is covered with a silicone sleeve. If it is, then remove the silicone sleeve from the hot end.

3D Printer Hot End with Silicone Sleeve


Then use an 8mm socket wrench to remove the old nozzle from the heating block.

Removing 3D Printer Nozzle with a Socket Wrench


To prevent any damage to the components of the hot end, DO NOT exert force on the throat tube. Hold the solid section of the heating block during adjustments.

Note: Cooled filament tends to solidify, and can glue the nozzle and hot end together. If the hot end has any remaining filament, preheat the hot end to melt the filament. Once the filament is melted use a spatula and tweezer to remove the filament attached in the nozzle or heating block.


2. Insert a cleaning rod completely through the hot end and ensure the tube is completely clear of blockages.

3D Printer Hot End with a Cleaning Rod


Screw the new nozzle into the heating block but do not tighten it completely. Ensure that there is a visible gap between the nozzle and the heating block.

3D Printer Nozzle Attached to Heating Block


3. Hold onto the heating block and tighten the throat tube by rotating the heat sink. Rotate it until the nozzle ‘catches’ on the tube (meaning it will begin to spin).

The heat sink may be askew when the right position is achieved. This is normal and will be adjusted in the later steps.
*If the heat sink is loose on the throat tube, secure the fixing screw before tightening the throat tube.

3D Printer Heat Sink


4. Hold on the heating block with an Allen key, and tighten the nozzle completely using an 8mm socket wrench. Check that a gap between the nozzle and the heating block is maintained.

3D Printer Nozzle and Heating Block


5. Re-attach the silicone sleeve, then loosen the fixing screw on the heatsink. Lie the hot end assembly on a flat surface, rotating the heat sink so that the fixing screw is facing outwards.

Silicone Sleeve


Move the heat sink down so that it rests on the silicone sleeve and tighten it into place.

Heat Sink


If you do not have a silicone sock, adjust the heat sink so that it is flush with the bottom of the large cylinder.

Heat Sink with No Sleeve

To reinstall the hot end assembly into the extruder head, please refer to the instructions in Manual Pro2 Series -032 How to Replace the Hotend-V1.0.




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