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High Detail Resin

High resolution for detailed models

High Detail Resin features an ultra-high resolution matte appearance to bring your visual prototypes and model designs to life. The smooth apricot surface finish has a professional appearance and simplifies various post-processing and finishing methods (e.g., painting and plating).

High Detail Resin is ideal for high-resolution prototypes and high-precision industrial parts.

Raise3D High Detail Apricot Resin 1kg


  • Ultra-fine details and high resolution
  • Ready for painting and plating
  • Excellent matte surface finish


  • Ultra-high resolution and detailed prototypes
  • Models for painting and plating

Material Properties*

*All test specimens were printed with Raise3D DF2 printer (2 mW/cm2 at 405 nm, 50 μm thickness, 9s) and cured with DF Cure for 15 minutes per side at room temperature.
See more details in Technical Data Sheet.

Testing Method Green Post-Cured
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 42 MPa 58 MPa
Young’s Modulus ASTM D638 1781 MPa 2622 MPa
Elongation at Break ASTM D638 17% 13%
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 61 MPa 98 MPa
Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 1521 MPa 2886 MPa
Notched Izod ASTM D256 32 J/m 34 J/m
Heat Deflection Temp.@0.45 MPa ASTM D648 N/A 70°C


Printing Settings

It is recommended to use the default printing profiles available in ideaMaker.

After printing, it is recommended to not leave a successful but unwashed model in the printer for too long. This will prevent the model from over-swelling, which may cause dimensional deviations or support softening.

For more printing information, please read Raise3D DF2 3D Printer User Manual.


High Detail Apricot V1 Resin requires cleaning to achieve the ideal properties of the printed part.

There is no need to remove support structures from the printed part, and the part should then be washed before post-curing, until the surface is free of any solvent residue.

For special structures or fine details, such as small holes, it’s recommended to clean manually, then blow dry the part with compressed air/nitrogen to remove residual solvent from the surface, or leave the part for a short time at room temperature to dry. Post-cure the model until the surface is free of any solvent residue.

Please refer to the chart on the right for the recommended washing parameters with Raise3D DF Wash.

Wash Time Wash Drying Time
Recommended washing parameters 10 min 10 min



After cleaning, High Detail Apricot V1 Resin parts require post-curing to achieve optimal properties. Please refer to the chart on the right for the parameters with Raise3D DF Cure.

Setting 1: For display purposes.

Setting 2: For prototyping uses (default parameters in ideaMaker).

UV Curing Time Heat Curing Time Heat Curing Temperature
Setting 1 5 min 5 min 60℃
Setting 2 30 min 0 min N/A


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High Detail Resin

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