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5 Tips: How To Get Started with Your Raise3D Pro2 Series 3D Printer

Aug 21, 2019

Hi!  This is Nick from Raise3D Tech Support with another #QuickTechTip.

How to Start 3D Printing with Raise3D Pro2 Series

  • First, go to our Youtube Channel @Raise3D and check out the Unboxing Guide. This will go over all the steps necessary to unbox your printer (you don’t want to leave those Z clamps on).

Pro2 Series Unboxing and Setup Video | Raise3D Academy

  • Second, go ahead and read through the Quick Start Guide that’s included with the 3D printer. This will go over all the necessary steps for setup and the parts that are included in the accessories box.

Quick Start Guide Download

  • Third, go to our website and download our slicing software ideaMaker. The ideaMaker manual and release notes will have a full list of details on ideaMaker’s features.

ideaMaker Slicing Software

ideaMaker Manual

ideaMaker Release Notes

  • Fourth, go ahead and check the Z offsets on the machine. The steps for this procedure are covered in the Quick Start Guide, and there is also a video guide on YouTube.

How to Pro2 Z-Offset Adjustment | Raise3D Academy

  • Finally, if you want to start printing with 3rd party filaments, go ahead and check out our Open Filament Program on our website. This will have a full list of tested and compatible filaments that have downloadable templates you can import into ideaMaker for your own use.

Open Filament Program (OFP)


For more tips like these, and answers to your other questions, go ahead and check out our series of Playlists on Youtube.

YouTube Raise3D Channel

Raise3D Academy on YouTube


Use Our 5 Tips Infographic For Quick Reference

5 Tips to Start You 3D Printing with Raise3D


#QuickTechTip | FIRST 5 Steps To Start You Printing On a Raise3D Pro2

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