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An Easy and Reliable Printing Experience

Common Applications: Props, Architectural Models, Miniatures, Art Reproductions and Teaching Aids.

Fine Print Detail

The resolution of Raise3D printers exceeds 0.2mm along the Z-axis and 0.4mm along the XY axis, giving a high level of detail and smooth finish.

Fine Print Detail Props


Alliance Studio

Fine Print Detail Art



Fine Print Detail Miniature


Syther Gaming

Fine Print Detail Architectures



Fine Print Detail

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Stable Printing, from Small tasks to Large jobs

Raise3D’s large format printing technology features:

  • Up to 60cm in height
  • Stable operation over long periods of time
  • Consistent quality

6,000 hours and 22.6 kg printing in University of Hawaii at Hilo

Easy and Safe for Classroom

Raise3D designs its professional printers to a high standard of safety and making them office-friendly, with the following features:

  • Enclosed build area and desktop size
  • Plug and Play
  • Non-toxic and waste-free
  • Color 7” Touchscreen with dedicated CPU

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