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Find Industrial 3D Printer for Manufacturing

Raise3D’s technology is developed with the proven quality and the necessary capabilities to fit into the manufacturing sector. Vast industries, including automotive, machining and electronics, can rely on Raise3D products for flexible manufacturing, applicable to many aspects of product development, on the production floor and in after-sales service.

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How Does 3D Printer Improve Your Manufacturing?

Proven capabilities and reliable repeatability are elements all Raise3D printers have and that are required by manufacturers. Their wide range of features can bring value to all kinds of scenarios.

An Ideal Fit for Manufacturing Pro3
Pro3 Series
An Ideal Fit for Manufacturing E2
An Ideal Fit for Manufacturing E2CF
An Ideal Fit for Manufacturing RMF500
Prototypes 30x30x30/60cm TPU Compatibility 50x50x50cm
Jigs & Fixture 30x30x30/60cm Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber | 50x50x50cm
Moulding 30x30x30/60cm 50x50x50cm
Factory Maintenance TPU Compatibility
Small Batch Production IDEX | TPU Compatibility IDEX IDEX
Modification and Repair 30x30x30/60cm TPU Compatibility 50x50x50cm

Satisfied capability of material options, print accuracy and build volume.

Extra value

High Capacity for Creating Functional Parts

With proven printing quality and compatibility with engineering-grade materials, end-use parts printed on Raise3D products have successfully fulfilled engineering requirements all over the world.

Material Compatibility

With reliable extrusion performance from a well-designed system, Raise3D material scientists work hard to give Raise3D product users more options to use in their printers.



Material Compatibility

Large Format

Raise3D’s large format printing systems can deliver added value to the engineering sector by enabling the possibility of more integrated designs.




Pro3: 300 x 300 x 300 mm

Pro3 Plus: 300 x 300 x 605 mm

RMF500: 500 x 500 x 500 mm

Large Format

Better Integration, Less Time spent on Assembly

Sleeper transfer for transferring rail track by Transmashholding AO

Precision and Repeatability

Small batch production is feasible thanks to the precise repeatability of Raise3D printers, ensured by its positioning accuracy of under 1μm.







Easily Manage Multiple Printers in Different Locations

When Raise3D printers in are deployed in various locations, whether they are different rooms, factories, regions, or countries, customers can use RaiseCloud to conveniently manage them across multiple platforms.




Faster Delivery to Customer

Kinboshi Co. Ltd. presents prototypes to customers throughout the country by managing printers from the headquarters.

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